A1 Tyres | Which tyre brand to choose?
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Which tyre brand to choose?

Tyre Brands

Which tyre brand to choose?

Even today there is an ever increasing choice of tyres from which you need to decide. And some times it is a long drawn out process. Tyre reviews on all websites can sometimes be misleading as certain cars really do favor a particular tyre brand. 


We have all heard of the premium brands from Pirelli to Dunlop to Michelin due to their multi million pound sponsorship deals that we all see every day, wether we notice them or not. 


It’s the ones you have not heard of that you need recommendations or justification for. 


There are certain tyres we offer that come with, from our point of view, brilliant incentives. Mainly the Maxxis brand which is a massively impressive mid range tyre. With the unlimited tyre warranty that covers all irreparable punctures and all damage, wether accidentally or not, it is a huge plus for the customer. 


Yes we may be a dealership for the Maxxis brand and they have spent a lot on us with wrapping our mobile tyre fitting van and the brilliant new signage at our Dover branch. Regardless, we promote the brand to customers due to the cheap price, outstanding performance and overall value for money. 


As a rough guide line we like to inform customers the mileage you should expect from the three tiers of tyres. Budgets are good for 10-12k miles, mid range 14-16k miles and premium tyres 18-20k miles. Of course this is not gospel and we are not guaranteeing this, especially when we have seen certain tyres exceeding this very often.  


Budget tyres are few and far between and generally speaking they all do the mileage they are estimated to do. All the budgets we sell have passed all the test and relevant screening otherwise we would not sell them. So be assure that the budget tyre is perfectly fine for your car and you needn’t worry about its durability.  


Tyres are the only part of the car that holds you to the road and should you need advice on the brands then we are here to help as we are the experts. 


All in all the price of the tyre always has a huge bearing from the customers point of view like everything we buy and you effectively get what you pay for.